Leveraging an Extended Engineering Team for Insuretech Innovation

This white paper explores the significant role of Insuretech in transforming the insurance industry and outlines the advantages of utilizing an Extended Engineering Team (EET) to drive .

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Easy to start, even easier to implement

Provided the proprietary SuperCharge Framework and a core team to extend the framework to a shippable product.

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How we approached successful projects

First thing first; how risky it is to build a ground up application rather than buying it off the shelf

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Rapid Portal Development

Evangelized the technology road map for building portals and enabled client’s portal development by being an extended team.

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Application Modernization using SuperCharge Framework

The portal development on top of SuperCharge Framework by using the entire components for not only accelerated development, and deploy applications using hybrid-cloud architectures...

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Solving Problems during Product Life Cycle for Software Vendors

With over 30+ clients and close to 50 projects that we have done,ranging from tech enabled start-ups to large end businesses, we have scaled technology through product engineering across the world.

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Grow with the growth

How to scale a distributed team with clear measuring ROI and value matrix for product engineering.

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How Fruitful are AI & Blockchain in insurance claims management

Over the past years, it has been a rather cumbersome process for insurance companies to detect multiple frauds during the insurance claims management process.

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Underwriting Fraud in Insurance

Automated time-consuming manual tasks, such as data gathering and analysis, allowing underwriters to focus on higher-value decision-making.

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Identify credit card Frauds using AI

In today’s era, it is vital to understand credit card fraud detection using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

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