Solving Problems during Product Life Cycle for Software Vendors

With over 30+ clients and close to 50 projects that we have done, ranging from tech enabled start-ups to large end businesses, we have scaled technology through product engineering across the world. Here are the problem statements that all businesses face irrespective of their domain or geography. Additionally, this gives you an overview of how we have helped the organisations solve these problem statements.

Problem Solution Fit

This is the stage where the business identifies a problem statement and the engineering teams get involved in the process of figuring out the approach to solve the identified problem.

Top Problem Statements in Finding the Solutions Fit

  • Technology Assessment & Validation
  • Definition of Solution Fit Features
  • Development Acceleration

Traditional MVP approach is utilised to find the right solution for the problem statement instead of base architecting the platform at enterprise standards or spending too much time on base architecting thereby spending money without knowing what the user group is more likely to take.The Hyper Growth Enabler solves this by using a proven framework where accelerated development is enabled with enterprise standards.

Product Market Fit

This is the stage where the MVP is matured by creating a backlog which exactly matches the business strategy or the GoToMarket Strategy.

The persistent problem statements during this stage are:

  • Product Management is expensive
  • Micro Services Enabled Modularization
  • Managing Tech and Functional Debts and formulating a Go to Market Strategy

This is where the product gets into shape so a lot of companies manage to onboard customers quickly but fail to scale in increasing the customer base owing to either lack of speed in delivering features or struggling with maintainability of the overall product. IT Service providers needs to understand the clear GTM strategy rather than just the backlog to create a difference in the way the product is built. Getting your product right the First time will ensure business revenue margins are used to scale the business rather than just the product.


This is where the business customer acquisition happens and there is a plethora of problems which are identified, such as,

  • Fast time to Market
  • Lack of Focus on Data Intelligence
  • Build vs Buy

The only bad thing about growth is the chance of failure to keep up with speed without matured delivery and support models. Often customers overlook the way the project is managed and end up buying more services than building internally. Unless a Service Provider clearly brings both predictability in acceleration & outcome in order to manage costs and customers without entering the maturity stage of product life cycle, they tend to decline and eventually diversify and lose focus.


You are in a good space where your product is matured and the revenues are predictable. The major problem of sustainability emerges due to

  • Emerging Technology like AI/ML introduced by competitors
  • Innovation
  • Industry downturn

Except for problem #3, which depends on a lot of macro-economic factors (sometimes smart companies do predict this) everything else would be in your control. This is where an IT services company comes to aide product companies to quickly scale in expertise using new technologies through accelerators and innovation. With best-in-class operating model, one can benefit the overall maintainability cost for a product which can help in sustainability and re-investments towards newer tech pursuits.

All products go through this stage but very few products have strong functional and business focus to re-emerge. Only products which re-emerge are the ones which easily solve the below.

  • Enablement of Emerging Tech Stacks
  • Re-Engineering with New Technologies
  • Region Expansion

All the problem statements associated with this stage are with technology being the driver. An organization when choosing an ideal Partner for IT services, needs to validate their overall service offerings rather than finding solutions particular to one problem at various stages of a product cycle.
Being 100% referenceable and having experience working with start-ups to very large enterprises focussing only on product engineering, Code Board Tech comes with an attitude of putting equal skin in the game and help companies through their entire product life cycle journey by clearly identifying problem statements that we see from our enterprise level experiences.

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