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Welcome to Codeboard! We specialize in providing advanced and intuitive solutions to meet the needs of budding startups and large-scale enterprises, offering services ranging from full-stack development to enterprise solutions, data analytics to engineering.
With Product Engineering DNA running through our veins, we are constantly expanding, exploring, and establishing innovative ways to make a positive impact on our clients and drive their success. As a seasoned leader in the industry, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions that align with the ever-evolving needs of our clients, and we are proud to be at the forefront of technological advancements.

What we can offers

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  • Innovative IT Solutions for the Insurance Industry: Enhancing Efficiency, Reducing Costs, and Driving Business Growth.
  • Transforming the Insurance Industry with Cutting-Edge IT Services: Digitizing Operations, Enhancing Customer Experience, and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
  • Empowering Insurance Companies with Comprehensive IT Services: From Legacy System Modernization to AI-Powered Underwriting and Claims Processing.
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  • Custom IT Solutions for Logistics: Streamlining Operations, Improving Efficiency, and Enhancing Customer Experience.
  • Driving Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry: From Warehouse Management Systems to Last-Mile Delivery Optimization
  • Enabling Logistics Companies with Advanced IT Services: Leveraging IoT, AI, and Blockchain to Achieve Competitive Edge and Business Growth.
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  • Rich Experience in building Banking and Financial Applications.
  • Banking – Faster time to market for Core Banking solutions.
  • Financial Services – Lending, Customer acquisition an services.
  • Payments – Highly scalable payment systems, and integration and management of API’s
  • Lending – Multi Experience Lending experience for the lenders as well as customers.
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  • Collaborative IT Services for ISVs: Augmenting Your In-House Team with Dedicated and Experienced Engineers for Rapid Product Development.
  • Extended Engineering Teams for ISVs: Enabling You to Scale Your Development Efforts, Accelerate Time-to-Market, and Achieve Business Objectives.
  • Empowering ISVs to Innovate and Stay Ahead in the Competitive Landscape: Providing End-to-End IT Solutions for Product Development and Support.

why us

Time To Market

2 x Faster feature time to market.

Dev Acceleration

Ability to handle capacity spikes and bring 100% more agility.


100 % Flexible distributed teams and skill set.

Management Commitment

1500 Man Months of Enterprise Wide Assessment and Validations


Accelerate Development and Reduce Cost through Supercharge Framework.

Lower TCO

Save cost R&D Frameworks and Components by 40%.

Enterprise Experience

Founders and Directors are Alumni’s of Large Product Engineering Firms


100% involvement of Management in all the projects.

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