Automating and Reducing Risk in Insurance Underwriting


Client is an Insurance Provider in Middle East.


Over reliance on rule-based underwriting, and lacked flexibility to change and adapt to fast growing market.

Problem Statement

  • Lack of Flexibility, Scalability, Efficiency and Adaptability
  • Manual Rule Maintenance and Updates.
  • Inconsistent Interpretation and Application of Rules.
  • Limited Incorporation of Emerging Data Sources.
  • Difficulty in handling complex scenarios.
  • Lack of Transparency and Explainability.


CodeBoard Tech solution combined the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data integration and analytics to transform traditional underwriting processes. By automating manual tasks, improving risk assessments, and enhancing operational efficiency, our solution empowered the customer to make faster, more accurate, and customer-centric underwriting decisions. With customizable features, scalability, and adaptability to changing risk landscapes, our AI-based automated underwriting solution enabled our customer to optimize their underwriting operations, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Reduces the likelihood of human errors and improves underwriting accuracy.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Automated time-consuming manual tasks, such as data gathering and analysis, allowing underwriters to focus on higher-value decision-making. This streamlines the underwriting process, leading to faster turn around times and increased operational efficiency.

  • Consistency and Standardization
  • Standardized risk assessments and pricing, leading to fairer and more transparent underwriting outcomes.

  • Scalability and Handling Complex Data
  • Processed complex scenarios and analyzed diverse data sources, such as non-traditional data points, enabling more robust risk evaluations.

  • Adaptability to Changing Risk Landscapes
  • Incorporated emerging data sources, track market trends, and update risk models in real-time, ensuring underwriters have the most up-to-date information for accurate risk prediction.

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