Rapid Portal Development; minimizing failures and maximize ROI


Client is ISV having major share in the Insurance market in Middle East and Africa.


Quick scale up of product team to build multiple portals which can mitigate the risks of running with legacy systems.

Problem Statement

  • Time to Market having to replace Legacy Application.
  • Market demands for Sustainability.
  • Lack of Engineering Capability on New Technologies.
  • Lack of Multi Experience Channels.


CodeBoard Tech extended engineering team having did multiple Design Thinking Workshops identified the portal needs for their Customer, Broker and Employees. The solution was architected in the mind, where the portal relied on the core business logic with the legacy system and developed nimble portal solutions by creating wrapper services to integrate. Created a user-friendly interface and design the user experience for alle the portal solution. Considered the needs and preferences of the target users through Design Thinking and aimed for simplicity, intuitiveness, and efficiency.


  • Improved user experience
  • Significantly enhanced the user experience, leading to increased productivity and user satisfaction.

  • Fast time to market
  • Legacy systems were not replaced, but were complemented.

  • Cost Benefits
  • Acceleration in development of portals using re-usable components from the proprietary framework and did not erode the investments already done on the core system Increased accessibility: enabled all the personas of the portals to access and utilize the system effectively in multiple channels.

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Included real-time dashboards, data visualization, workflow automation, collaboration tools, and more, thereby enhancing the overall value and usefulness of the system.

  • Integration with modern technologies
  • Facilitated seamless data exchange and interoperability, opening opportunities for system expansion and integration with external services.

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