Why Work With US();


Part of a fast growing focussed product engineering firm.


We take pride in valuing everyone's views and put it into practice as a culture.


Focussed product engineering firm, 95 % of our employees are product engineers. Experience the joy of your code being used by millions.

Access to Technology

As long as the thirst is there, our exploratory nature helps our workforce truly embrace new technologies.

Resource Management Office

A dedicated resource management office to


Engage through our various events which runs right through the year.


Identify aspirations.


Provide top class training and opportunities matching closed to aspirations.

Self– Actualize

Environment to self actualize.

Careers ();

If you are looking for a nurturing and collaborative environment where you get to be an integral part of our ecosystem, Codeboard is the right choice for you! To apply for a position at Codeboard, please send your resume along with a cover letter stating the position you are seeking to hr@codeboardtech.com