Why Us();

Time to Market

2X Faster feature time to market


100 % Flexible distributed teams and skill set

Dev Acceleration

Ability to handle capacityspikes and bring 100 % more agility

Management Commitment

1500 Man Months of Enterprise Wide Assessment and Validations


Accelerate Development and Reduce Cost through SuperCharge Framework

Lower TCO

Save cost for R&D on Frameworks and Components by 40 %

Enterprise Experience

Founders and Directors are Alumni's of Large Product Engineering Firms


100 % involvement of Management in all the projects

Our Focus();

Platform Engineering

Product Development

Open Source Technology Stack

Insurance, Payments, Banking and Finance


  • We bring balance, harmony and stability by applying the PRICE framework in the way we behave with all our stakeholders.
  • We also believe in overall nurturing of all our employees through the PRICE value system to make us better Human Beings.
  • We practice to say NO when we are not sure if we could walk the talk.
  • Our DNA to own mistakes and correct them.
  • We take pride in our empathy and Receptiveness in projects and people.
  • We encourage our folks to start with WHY.
  • We believe and encourage workforce to take empowerment rather than give empowerment.


Being predictable and saying the right NO


Listen more and being empathetic


Behave with integrity and sensitivity

Context focus

Stay context focussed and ask WHY


Allowing our stakeholders to take empowerment

What our clients feel ();

CBT vs Large IT Service Firm

  • Right Sized
  • Focused on what we do Our Culture - PRICE

CBT vs Offshore Product Dev Service Firm

  • TIEO Capabilities
  • Expertise in HyperAutomation and Cloud Engineering
  • Flexible – Small Start ups to Large Enterprises

CBT vs Traditional IT Shops

  • Tech Scalability
  • SuperCharge Frameworks
  • Better Resource Utilization

CBT vs Expensive Data Analytics Firms

  • Experience in Opensource for Data Scale
  • Hands-on live cases

CBT vs Niche Hyper Automation Firms

  • We understand Data better
  • Experience in designing, develop the core system