Integrations we do in Codeboard

Cloud Integration

We help organisations migrate workloads to any cloud, gain agility, free budgets for other tasks thereby helping you stay competitive, while managing the ever increasing IT complexity.

API Integration

We help organisations build custom API integration that perfectly matches their enterprise system requirements and also help them understand how third party API integration can help in optimizing process and overall workflow of operations.


B2B Integration

Our B2B integration solution is designed to deliver greater value at a lower TCO than in-house solutions. We also provide fully managed B2B integration services for developing, deploying and maintaining connections between trading partners thereby eliminating the need for IT personnel or owning softwares.

Application & Data Integration

We help simplify interactions between various business applications, thus leading to a long-term solution that is scalable, maintainable and robust thereby allowing companies to connect the islands of information within the enterprise, leading to better-informed decisions, greater efficiencies and lower data discrepancies.