Why ( Jump Start Development )

Empower your Product Team by jump starting enterprise development, through pre-built frameworks for rapid acceleration in product engineering

Class Functional {

User Management

Prebuilt framework to manage user with pre-built security.

Role Management

Automation framework to quickly adapt enable, disable and authorize user, based on membership roles.

Data Access Management for micro services based applications

Filtering data horizontally across the application for scalability and enable privacy & security.


Framework enables Sigle SignOn/LDAP automation and provides ease of implementation.


Class Technical {


Prebuilt, readily usable enterprise gateway enables o match routes on any request attribute, Predicates and filters are specific to routes, Circuit Breaker integration, Easy to write Predicates and Filters, Request Rate Limiting, Path Rewriting.


Native cloud ready, encoded, URLsafe string that can contain an unlimited amount of data and is cryptographically signed – ensuring trust and enabling SaaS platform engineering

Configuration Service

A prebuilt service SCF’s config provides server side and client side support for externalized configuration in distributed system.

Data Encryption

A security framework, which is quick to implement which can handle data encryption of any field level info using custom annotation.

Data Versioning Medium

Simple data versioning mediums which can be implemented across application(s).

Log Analytics

Quick implementation of Elastic Search for all the logs, metrics, application trace data. Also enables to show log analytics and observability.


The auditing feature logs changes that are made to customer records and user access for easy reviewing and enable to meet the audits, compliance, security and governance policies.

Data Streaming

A framework for data streaming to jump start data intelligence journey for your enterprise.

Async Data Processing

Improve the performance of the application using this feature by effective processing in the framework.


Class Key Advantages and Metrics{

Feature to Market Advantage

Improved the feature to market by 3X.

Quicker Onboarding

Jump start by 8- 12 weeks .

Enterprise Standard

Built on 1000 + Man Month Experience .

Save Cost

Proven cost saving USD 60K USD100K USD.


Reduction of maintenance Cost by minimum 2X.


Class How to Start ? {

Requirement Validation or Existing Platform Tech Assessment

SuperCharge Framework Components Selection

Implementation Approach along with TCO Matrix


Onboarding and Training of Development Workforce


Class Case Studies{

/SuperCharge Framework/

Easy to start,
even easier to implement

Client is a market leader in the payments industry in the North America. A fast-growing INC5000 company focussing on automating the end-to-end payments, fraud and chargeback management through a robust scalable platform.

/SuperCharge Framework/

Application Modernization
using SuperCharge Framework

Client is an Independent Software Vendor in the Insurance Space with clients in Middle East & North African region.