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Our Mission

Our vision at CodeBoard Tech is to deliver software products that are simple, initiative and customer-focused. One of our strong suits is periodic feedback analysis and incorporation, which gets us one step closer to our end users. We offer a wide array of products which are tailor-made to suit specific business needs. Customization can be performed by non-technical members with ease, thereby reducing the overhead on the customer's end. We offer new releases and versions of our software products periodically with backward compatibility which ensures that our customers always get the best in the industry.

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Our Services

This is one of our most passionate projects. We involve our key tech groups for implementing a multitude of machine learning algorithms. Our in-house optimisation techniques give us the much needed edge over our competitors. We have developed a wide range of applications in machine learning. We manage real-time flight data with hundreds of input parameters contributing to the predictive analysis of the nature of maintenance required. We also predict the urgency of the maintenance, which in turn aides in notifying the destination airport and the certified mechanics in-real time. Risk assessment using past financial data and the prior decisions taken, is another significant area where we use machine learning. Our insurance credibility score calculator has a very high accuracy rate. We also take into account, various unconventional parameters by extensive domain research, that highly affect the input-output relationship, thereby influencing the risk factor of an individual.

We have a highly scalable multi-lingual, multi-currency e-commerce platform with an intelligent search algorithm that provides product recommendations and suggestions based on similar purchases. We strive to provide the best user experience for organizations, merchants as well as the customers. In addition to shopping platforms, we also provide information-on-demand, interactive learning, entertainment online and many other types of e-commerce software solutions.

We provide a highly secure and agile gateway that addresses all your payment needs. It's easy to collect payments for your goods and services from anywhere in the world via our payment service module. Our payment service module covers various payment gateways along with pre and post payment processes. Integration is done through a simple user interface and can be brought to fruition within a short span of time. We provide a clean and safe platform bundled with years of experience in the payment domain.We specialize in automatic payment failure detection. Our post payment processing is built-in with top notch security features and instant notifications.

We pride ourselves on being robust transportation and logistics domain experts. We increase the efficiency of transportation and improve the overall round-time. We also enable 24/7 tracking and two way communication for business efficiency. Intelligent routing and clubbing algorithms save time and the amount of fuel spent per mile. Each logistic entry is made more streamlined using our efficiency improving algorithm.


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We are here with expertise in technology and domain experience with wide ranging technical skills on numerous processes and platforms. We place great emphasis on Quality assurance and reliability of applications developed.

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